Laziness and procrastination pay off

23 06 2010

I really, really, did not want to assemble a google calendar of all the outdoor movies in New York this summer, even though I’ve done a fairly comprehensive one the last two years (scroll back to last summer in that calendar for evidence).  Besides being lazy, I was hoping to avoid doing it because after doing it last year, I discovered that someone else was also in the habit of assembling that list (though not in google calendar format) and had become well-known for doing so.  So I figured I could just wait for, and then use and link to her list.  But repeated google searches, beginning in May, never turned up the list, and after seeing Goldfinger in Bryant Park this past Monday, I figured I’d give in and put a list together.  So you can only imagine my relief when I saw this.


System shock

18 06 2010

Posts like this, keeping his eye on the structural issues which underly day-to-day political drama, are one of the reasons I read Yglesias so much.  On the other hand, insofar as the post is suggesting that we can look at what has passed the House as examples of what kind of policy we’d have with a parliamentary system, it’s kind of crazy.  You have to look at how the rest of the system would change in response to the U.S. having a strong unicameral legislature with fewer veto points and actual majority rules.  And to take only the most obvious change, lobbying pressure would be so different (efforts currently spent on Senatorial and Presidential lobbying would be spent on House lobbying) that who knows what would pass.

New U.S. Menace: Teen-Agers In Black Leather Jackets

10 06 2010
He must have an interesting life

Pretty sure the same guy is fighting giant turtles in the next issue

See the rest of the gallery of classic men’s magazine covers here, totally worth the time to browse.  Each detail is better than the next.

Old glory

9 06 2010

I have a bunch of blog posts mentally cued up, but as I write this, Rep. Charles Rangel is being interviewed on the Brian Lehrer show, and doing an amazing job of dodging questions about a number of financial improprieties, including nonpayment of taxes for rental income, from Brian.  The exchanges mostly feature Brian raising a particular accusaton and Rep. Rangel asking Brian to specify exactly where he originally heard that charge, or a particular response to a charge, and then asking why it’s taking so long for the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct to issue their report on that accusation.  Brian then asks if he’s specifically denying the charge, and Rep. Rangel says he’s answered as clearly as possible.  Rinse.  Repeat with other charges.  Which is really annoying, and is probably a good reason to vote against* Rangel in the Democratic Primary this coming September if you happen to live in his district.  It’s not a reason to vote for someone who would do something crazy like vote for John Boehner for Speaker of the House, but that district isn’t in play in a general election anyway.

I wrote this whole post for another chance to link to the time I was on the Brian Lehrer show and got asked a question about Charles Rangel.  I recommend listening to the linked segment from about 2:50 on, though I’m not on for over a minute after that, it’s good context.  I wrote more about the experience on my old blog, here.

*I don’t know nearly enough (read: anything) about Adam Clayton Powell IV to say you should vote for him.  Oh, actually I do know that there’s some humorous confusion with regard to his name.

Wear the gold hat

3 06 2010

Eric, who blogs here and professes here, and who I’ve had dinner with once or twice, has a new book. It’s his debut novel, but his non-fiction work, especially Murdering McKinley, has shown a real flair for narrative storytelling and character development, so this is a natural step. Read the book, if for no other reason than because he excerpted Publisher’s Weekly review of it in order to describe his own book as “unfortunate … bewildering … unrelenting dreadfulness.”

In a remote corner, embowered in palms, was a cottage piano

1 06 2010

This post was entertainingly written, thoughtful, and the images stolen to illustrate it well-chosen, as befits a possible curator to be. This one is lacking in all those qualities, and uses my name, which isn’t otherwise connected to this blog.

Life is not fair

28 05 2010

I just discovered that the joke I wanted to make about confusing Fair Game, the new movie about Valerie Plame starring Naomi Watts and Sean Penn, with Fair Game, the movie where Cindy Crawford gratuitously goes topless (basically Billy Baldwin was like, “Look, there’s a stain on your tank top.”  And then she takes it off.  At least, that’s how I remember it), has already been made.